Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 2-Beware of pictures below!

So today is my day two at home. Because I was fainting in the hospital & had to stay the night, my doctor wanted to see me today to check up on me. My stomach looks like a butt right now, no other way to put it. It is very swollen and sunken in. It feels really tight. Below are pictures of my journey last night trying to take a sponge bath.

I'm very hunched over & trying to get up and down as much as I can, but I find myself drifting to sleep mostly. So I made my way to the doctors office today in the company of my wonderfully supportive boyfriend & horrible taxi drivers. I wasn't suppose to go in to see the doctor until Tuesday, another 5 days away. I was very thankful that I got to see him today. He examined my swollen stomach & thinks there may be blood captured & causing the bad swelling. So, now I have to make my way to the hospital again on Sunday morning for a minor surgery so he can drain anything that might be in my "butt-gutt"...

My appetitite is non-existant. I've read that this is quite common, but am really shocked how I have to force myself to eat anything. I've been drinking lots of Gatorade, water, and eating crackers & rice cakes. Nothing sounds appetizing & I'm sure it's affecting my energy level, which is only on sleep mode right now.

The doctor said that he removed a lot of skin, 3lbs worth. It looked like the amount of skin would weight at least 10lbs, but he said that it was just skin and no fat really. I have to wear a binder anytime i'm not in the shower. The binder is compressing my stomach & hopefully giving me shape. I'm also in these old lady style stockings that go up past my knee to help prevent any blood clots. And finally, as you saw in my pictures, I have two nasty drains exiting my public area. My boyfriend has been emptying these for me every few hours & we note the amount of blood & other nasty stuff for the doctor each time.

Well, I'll post again tomorrow with any new experiences. I'm hoping my hygiene improves more by then. I'm getting better with the mouth wash, cleaning my face, and trying to make myself smell a bit better and not like a hospital haha. I think the next big tackle is washing my hair once I don't feel so drugged....wish me luck!



  1. You look and feel like I did when I had my c-section (or at least your describing it the same way). I hope your minor surgery goes well. Glad your home and on the mend!

  2. Found your blog through MFP!!! You are in my prayers sweetie!! You are going to look absolutley amazing! You have come so very far and inspire me every inch of the way with my weightloss!! Hang in there, it wont be sore forever!!!!!! Good luck with the healing process!!!

  3. Keep thinking of you and hoping you heal well!! Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. Thank you everyone for your kind words! Day 3 is a bit of a downer so far, so it's nice to have some positive words!!

  5. Information is power and you are being very powerful! THANKS! You'll feel better as you get moving and healing. Part of your downer might just be your body reacting to a lack of exercise endorphins - you'll be fine! Be kind to yourself!