Sunday, December 20, 2009

About me.

I'm 23 and stand 5'10". On good days I weigh in around 155lbs, but I usually weigh in at about 160 lbs. Through the past 5 years I have lost around 115 lbs through diet and exercise...hold your applause. I've been planning to undergo a tummy tuck for around 3 years now because when you get closer to the end of the weight loss journey, your stomach looks like just as much of a mess as it did before the weight loss.

When I finally decided to take the plunge and make the appointment to remove all the excess skin, I had to wait over a year to get in for my consultation. The months seemed to drag by and it seemed that the appointment would never come at times. I had to wait until October 27th to get in to see the doctor, whom I had done extensive research on. He is highly renowned in the city, so I felt confident in my decision and that I would have great results. Planning and obsessing over every article, blog, and gruesome video/picture I could get my hands on for over a year to see if I could find women with similar mutilated bodies. It was a stressful year, wondering if I would be the right candidate for the surgery, maybe he would tell me to lose 50 lbs, who knows!

Well, the day came...I thought I had all my questions lined out, fully prepared, ready to put down the money for the surgery. Dreams of a supportive staff, there for me, just as excited as I was, reassuring me that I was going to have great results & that I was doing the right thing...that's kind of how I pictured it. I don't know if this goes for all cosmetic surgeons, but my consultation confirmed that they are there strictly for business, not to flatter or support, maybe more to get the job done and get the money. I felt rushed out, given very little information on what the expect, well...they gave me an outdated pamphlet to read over...but I just left feeling empty. Needless to say, I left discouraged. I still put down the deposit to reserve the January 20, 2010 tummy tuck. For the next month and a half I felt as though I had made a mistake.

I put down the remainder of my money the other day, about $8,500...I still have to pay $3,000 for my anesthesia and hospital fees. It's a lot of money to put down for someone who's trying to pay off major student loan debt at the same time. I felt a more supportive environment the second time I went in. They seemed more caring, showed me examples of the doctors work, and walked me through the procedure. Granted, I was giving them money!

So here I am now...about 4.5 weeks away from my nip/tuck. I'm documenting my journey for all those doing the research & looking for personal stories of people going through the same procedure. I will be posting lots of photos and blogging daily about my highs and lows. Right now, I feel as though I'm making the right decision. I'm doing my research to prepare. Hopefully fellow tummy tuckers out there will find this blog helpful!