Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Scar

I've been without internet services for over a week & it's left me behind on responding & posting! Well...I have received a few requests on updates on how my scar is looking/healing. I'm quite happy with how thin the scar is & that it is placed in a good location. I do have three holes in around my pubic area from the drains as well. The original drainage site where two tubes were shoved in to one, teeny, tiny, itty, bitty hole is quite massive. I may update pictures of those for the next entry. Overall though, I'm quite pleased & the scar doesn't bother me, though it does itch sometimes.

I've hit the gym for the past 4 days in a row & have been riding my bike and running in my apartment at night. I feel constantly hungry, but I've been tracking my calories and staying within my "budget" almost all days, minus the weekends where I haven't been tracking, but i'm consciously counting during that time & work out to compensate. My stomach swells after a hard workout & takes a while to go down. I mentioned this before, but he swelling feels hard, almost as if my stomach was a waterbed that was filled too much.

The belly button is improving, not too butt-like lately, but still not perfect. I'm convinced that I could have some sort of tiny stomach lift, or little scars place under my breasts to make the little bit of belly button flab go away haha. It sounds crazy, but I'm still going to ask the doctor when I see him on April 6th. I'm very excited to hear what he has to say on my progress.

Okay, over 2 months now...crazy...Now that i'm back with the digital world, i'll continue updating regularly. Yah!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

7.5 weeks

Not a lot of updates this week. My wii fit, aka my scale, is out of batteries...i'm out of batteries...I couldn't weigh myself this week...I don't mind as I think that my swelling is so erratic that it's discouraging to weigh myself & i'd rather focus on the results that i'm seeing in my photos. The lower part of my stomach has been very swollen for the past couple days, like a hard swelling that isn't budging much throughout the day.

I only got to the gym a couple times this past week, but this week is open & I'm looking forward to it! I feel like i'm working out strong & making the most of my hour each visit.

This week also kicks off clean eating week for me. I have just a few short weeks left until vacation, so I want to be as good to my body as I can! I'm going to be keeping track of each thing that enters my mouth & how much I'm burning off.

Until next time...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

6.5 Weeks

So here's some updated photos of me at 6.5 weeks. A couple weeks ago I gave the update that I was down to 150lbs, i'm up to 153lbs. The good news is that I'm full force at the gym & doing a lot of weight lifting & toning. My diet hasn't been outstanding, but not horrible. I think seeing the scale go up has really put me in my place haha. Being back to the gym makes me feel like eating nothing but healthy food & being the best to my body that I can. I can't wait to up my routine this week. Only 5.5 weeks left until vacation, so I've got to get moving!!

The doesn't seem to get better. When I bend over there's skin that still hangs. Before the surgery my belly button would be lost in a horizontal flap, and now it's a vertical flap of skin that's obstructing my belly button. I've gone the whole week without wearing my binder, so i've decided to put it back on today & maybe wear it every couple days. In my heart I know that I'll probably have to have the second procedure for the vertical incision to remove this extra skin. I'll do my best to be patient and wait it out.

Well...I had another weekend of shopping haha. Two new shirts and a pair of pants! I'll update in a week with new photos of week 7!