Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 years out!

Lots of changes, so little time. Since the last update I had so much on my plate! Moving to a new city, going back to school & all that life stuff that happens in between. I wanted to do a quick update for all the loyal followers who still check in with me & those who come across the blog wondering how I'm doing now.

It's hard to believe that it's been two years! I've been scrolling through all the old pictures of my journey this morning & realizing just what a transformation it has been. My body is finally settling with the results of the surgery, meaning no more crazy swelling around my stomach. I had read that this would happen, but it sure does make me a whole lot happier with my results now that i've passed that phase. And the abnormal creasing in the abdomen has really smoothed itself out, or at least gotten to a point where I don't dwell on it.

As far as finishing off my journey, a good 5-10 pounds would be great to get off, but I just haven't put the full effort that it requires to do so. It's not a 5-10 pounds that really bother me, and I know I do my part with my eating & gym routine, so time & patience is all I need. I contemplate additional surgeries, such as a leg lift or reconstruction on my saggy arms down the road, but for now, that's not a need.

Thanks to all who send me such kind messages & still check in on me! You really helped me through my surgery on those hard days!

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